Rules of Floorball

This is a digital version of the Rules of the Game published by the IFF in July of 2010. The original PDF is updated every 4 years and can be downloaded here.

These pages have been created to support online referee certification courseware created in Canada, but please feel free to use them wherever you are, whether you are a referee, coach, player, teacher, or fan.

We’ve organized rules into sections for easy link referral. Some sections are all on one page, while others are split up depending on the length and depth of material. For instance, all subsections of the RINK regulations are on one page, while each section of the FIXED SITUATIONS regulations has their own page.

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101 Dimensions of the Rink
102 Markings on the rink
103 Goal Cages
104 Substitution Zones
105 Secretariat and Penalty Benches
106 Inspection of the Rink


201 Regular game time
202 Time out
203 Extra Time
204 Penalty shots after extra time


301 Players
302 Substitution of Players
303 Particular regulations for goalkeepers
304 Particular regulations for team captains
305 Team Staff
306 Referees
307 Secretariat


401 The players’ clothing
402 The referees’ clothing
403 Particular goalkeeper’s equipment
404 Particular team captain’s equipment
405 Personal equipment
406 Ball
407 Stick
408 The referees’ equipment
409 The secretariat’s equipment
410 Control of equipment


501 General regulations for fixed situations
502 Face-off
503 Events leading to a face-off
504 Hit-in
505 Events leading to a hit-in
506 Free-hit
507 Offences leading to a free-hit
508 Penalty shot
509 Delayed penalty shot
510 Offences leading to a penalty shot


601 General regulations for penalties
602 Bench Penalties
603 2 Minute bench penalty
604 Delayed penalty
605 Offences Leading to a 2 minute Penalty
606 5 Minute bench penalty
607 Offences leading to a 5 minute bench penalty
608 Personal Penalty
609 10 Minute personal penalty
610 Offences leading to a 2 minute bench penalty + 10 minute personal penalty
611 Match penalty
612 Match penalty 1
613 Offences leading to a match penalty 1
614 Match penalty 2
615 Offences leading to a match penalty 2
616 Match Penalty 3
617 Offences leading to a match penalty 3
618 Penalties in connection with a penalty shot


701 Allowed Goals
702 Correctly scored goals
703 Incorrectly scored goals