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    During a delayed penalty for a stick infraction, another player pushes his opponent against the boards. What should happen?
    Correct Answer: The play continues if the offended team maintains possession. When play stops, 2 penalties are assessed: one for the original stick foul and one for the push. The offending team is now 2 players short.

    The rulebook states

    (604.1) : Only one penalty at a time can be delayed except when a goal situation is in progress, in which case a second penalty may also be delayed.
    (604.2) : If the delayed penalty is carried out because of any other interruption, play shall be resumed according to what caused the interruption.

    Shouldn’t the correct answer be :
    The game stops, both players are booked, and game starts with a free-hit ?

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    James Hetmanek
    James Hetmanek

    Good point Saimmons. For play to continue, it would have to be clear that a goal scoring opportunity was in progress. Since it isn’t made clear in the wording of the question, I have changed the answer to what you suggest.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    btw: I’ve edited the title of your post so that it is searchable in the future.

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