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    I’m a little unsure about the question “If the goal (sic) receives the ball from their teammate who unsuccessfully tried to clear the ball behind the net, what should be the result?”

    This seems unintentional which should not lead to a free hit: “This shall be considered an offence only if the pass, in the referees’ opinion, is intentional.”

    If, however it is considered free hit worthy isn’t the free hit supposed to be towards where the pass came in and thus in the corner because the pass came from behind the net?

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    You are right. If the pass is clearly unintentional, no free hit should be given. It is up to the referee’s discretion whether a pass is unintentional or not.

    The rulebook doesn’t state it clearly, but in my opinion, the free hit in this situation is at the the top of the goalie area. It is not an infraction to play the ball towards your own net and goalie. The goalie still has an option to play the ball with his/her feet or legs. The infraction occurs when the goalie touches the ball with his/her hand or arm, therefore the free hit at the top of the goalie area.

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