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    Jonny Whistle
    Jonny Whistle

    I noticed that in unit 2.7 High Sticks, Question 2:

    “In a crowd in front of the net, a player attempts to hit, but misses the ball with a stick above their knees but below their waist. What should the referees do?”
    The correct answer is currently “Call for a free hit.”

    Not sure I would call a free hit unless high stick below waist was REALLY disturbing other players!!!

    //note: this comment was submitted via comment and James has entered it here so that all can see. Jonny Whistle is not a real referee, sadly.

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    James Hetmanek
    James Hetmanek

    You are right. Calling a free hit really depends on the degree of disturbance that the high stick causes.

    I wrote the “free hit” answer because I was refereeing alot of youth games at the time of writing the quiz. (You really need to get them focused on keeping their sticks down.)

    I’ve changed the answer to “play on”. That being said – if you feel that players are disturbed by a high swinging stick, you should call a free hit. Especially in youth or intermediate leagues. Elite level players are given more leeway because you’d expect that they’d have more control over what they are doing.

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