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    Jonny Whistle
    Jonny Whistle

    re: Unit 2.7 #3

    An attacking defensemen takes a shot. His back swing is just above his waist but there is no one behind. What should the referee do?

    Answer: “Do nothing, but find an opportunity to quietly warn the player.”

    Not sure why there is a need to warn the player discreetly? A player can take a shot with the stick being above the waist without consequence, unless it is disturbing for opponents.

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    James Hetmanek
    James Hetmanek

    I think that we want to emphasize safety in Canada as most players are new to the sport and/or have ice hockey experience.

    I suggest a discreet (and friendly) “warning” because it’s always good communicate with players about what is acceptable. Of course, if you have faith in the players abilities and understanding of the game, there is no need to make a comment to them.

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