Author: James Hetmanek
I am the Director of Officials for Floorball Canada. I created this site to support the ongoing growth of this great sport wherever it is needed.

Ten Tips for Better Officiating

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Henry Korhonen

Location: Mississauga Year Certified: 2008 Games: 80

Level 3, Ontario

James Hetmanek

Location: Toronto Year Certified: 2008 Games: 360 About: James is the Director of Referees for Floorball Canada.

Level 5, Ontario

Jukka Kortinen

Location: Toronto Date Certified: 2010 Games: 132 Partner: James Hetmanek About: Jukka is a train conductor originally from Finland.

Level 4, Ontario

Chris Bishop

Location: Markham Year Certified: 2012 Games: 23 Partner: Steve Creaser About: Chris Bishop is a stand up guy.

Level 2, Ontario

Kultar Singh

Year Certified: 2011 Games: 47 About: Kultar is the President of Floorball Ontario and an all around great guy.

Level 2, Ontario

Vesa Mikkola

Games: 50 Year Certified: 2010 About:

Level 2, Ontario

Johanna Mikkola

Location: Toronto Year Certified: 2012 Games: 5 About: Johanna works for NHL officiating and sits on the IFF central board as the representative of the America’s region.

Level 1, Ontario

Eileen Lam

Location: Toronto Date Certified: 2010 Games: 5 About: Eileen is a Canadian women’s national team player in 2013

Level 1, Ontario

Tero Kontinen

Location: Toronto Date Certified: 2010 Games: 100 Partner: Geoff King About: Tero is the referee organizer for the Canada Cup.

Level 3, Ontario