About Floorball Referee Resources

Floorball is a great sport which is growing quickly in North and South America as well as in Asia. It is a fast-paced, safe, and exciting hockey game with an emphasis on finesse, control, and team play that is a great cross trainer for ice-hockey but also stands as a great sport on its own. Recently recognized by the IOC as a potential future Olympic sport, Scandinavian invented Floorball is being played more and more around the world.

In Canada, new groups of players excited about playing floorball are appearing all the time. Unfortunately, there are not enough referees to support their introduction and growth in the sport. This website was created by Floorball Canada Director of Officials James Hetmanek to answer this need.

We hope it will also meet the needs of floorball countries around the world who don’t have enough experienced referees or don’t have well-established referee development programs to help them realize the full glory of floorball.

This site is in beta. Any feedback you have to help us improve would be greatly appreciated!

Email: info@floorballreferee.com